Tallahassee Innovation Partnership promotes entrepreneurial growth

The Tallahassee Innovation Partnership, or TIP for short, is facilitating collaboration between startups, nonprofits, government, universities, and more to promote entrepreneurial growth in Tallahassee.

The overall goal of the initiative is to “facilitate business relationships between local institutions and local entrepreneurs; build a forum for decision-makers to provide useful feedback on local products and services directly to entrepreneurs; and leverage the ideas and innovations from local startups and small businesses to help local institutions address their most pressing challenges” (Tallahassee Democrat).

Learn more about TIP here.


Northern Florida collaboration helps tech startups

Domi Station in Tallahassee and TechFarms in Panama City Beach have partnered up to bridge the gaps faced by startups.

Going forward, TechFarms and Domi Station will be collaborating to better connect the resources and ecosystems of Panama City and Tallahassee and will be looking for ways to assist entrepreneurs. One obstacle limiting nearly all startups in the region is access to capital. To help address this situation, Millaway is launching TechFarms Capital, an angel investment fund whereby accredited investors can pool their capital to invest in promising early stage ventures.

Learn more about Domi Station, TechFarms, and their collaboration.