Our Mission

Florida Next Foundation, a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works to empower young people, entrepreneurs and small businesses so they can drive the innovation needed to enhance Florida’s economy and quality of life.

Our Background

We were founded in May 2011 to advocate for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and young talent, helping them execute their innovative ideas and initiatives to position Florida for a stable and thriving future. Florida NEXT’s focus in on implementing innovative economic and community development projects in Florida.

Our Method

Our methodology is to engage Floridians from all walks of life in the process of building a better Florida. We do this through our programs:

  • Impact Forums “Important Discussions Impactful Results”  program consists of a series of forums taking place in different communities across the state to initiate social enterprise. The forums facilitate group discussion and the organizing of ideas for potential programs that Florida NEXT can support and help initiate over the course of the next 12 months. These programs are unique in each region because the participants determine what projects move forward.
  • Next Wave “Supporting the Next Wave of Florida’s Economy” is designed to expose our membership to well-run start-up companies and accelerators around the state. The program consists of creating individual showcase events between our Florida-based members and heavily vetted Florida based tech start-ups.

Board of Directors

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Our Staff

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