One Spark

One Spark, The World’s Largest Crowdfunding Festival, will showcase 555 official One Spark 2015 projects in art, education, health & science, music, social good and technology in 71 downtown venues at the April 7-12, 2015 festival. To view all the official 2015 projects, visit

Of the 555 projects, 29 percent are based outside of Duval County this year, an increase from 23 percent last year. Of those, 40 are based outside of Florida and from as far away as Palo Alto, Calif., New York City, N.Y. and Chicago, Ill. The technology category saw the biggest increase, going from 88 projects entered in 2014 to 127 technology projects entered this year, a 44 percent increase. The new social good category is the festival’s largest, with 134 projects entered. Projects broken down by category are: art, 88; education, 70; health & science, 53; music, 82; social good, 135; and technology, 127.

“We’re excited to welcome more technology projects and more creators from outside of the region to One Spark 2015,” said One Spark CEO Elton Rivas. “Each year the quality of creator projects continues to increase. One Spark is becoming more visible on both the national and international level, and we look forward to giving both attendees and creators a great experience at One Spark in downtown Jacksonville again this year.”

For the first time ever, One Spark participants, known as creators, will be able to offer rewards for direct contributions to their projects. Creators also have the option to run their crowdfunding campaigns on for up to 30 days and receive contributions from backers anywhere in the world while their campaign is live, similar to other online crowdfunding platforms.

One Spark 2015 creator projects have the opportunity to showcase in front of and receive immediate market feedback and validation from 265,000-plus expected attendees. Projects will be competing for $350,000 in crowdfunding and awards, direct contributions from attendees and $3.5 million in potential capital investment. Visit for details.


Impact Forums


90 second pitch + action = results

We pick a city and invite young entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community leaders to a single gathering in one evening. We give them 90 seconds to pitch an idea to make their community a better place to live, work and play. The ideas with the most votes receive programming support from us. Here are the creative, innovative and inspirational ideas we’re working on in each city:




St. Petersburg



Mobile Device Giving

Mobile Device Giving

Give Day Tampa Bay: Engaging Our Community and Growing the  Philanthropic Profile of Our Region

Give Day Tampa Bay is a 24-hour online giving challenge led by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and the Florida Next Foundation.

The midnight-to-midnight event showcases our local nonprofits and makes giving easy, whether you are a first-time donor or a long-time supporter. All it takes is a couple of clicks on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Give Day Tampa Bay also draws attention to the pressing needs of our community and offers resources and training that nonprofits can use year-round to promote their work and engage their supporters.

The goals of Give Day Tampa Bay:

  • Make giving easy and fun
  • Enlist new donors
  • Raise awareness about local nonprofits and their work in the community
  • Help nonprofits learn new online giving and outreach skills

Who can participate?

  • Anyone can make a donation to a participating nonprofit – minimum donation is $25.
  • Qualified nonprofits that submit an application by April 10, 2015.

The first Give Day Tampa Bay grew from a partnership formed around the same idea – to raise the profile of charitable giving in the Tampa Bay area.

The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, which has been growing philanthropy in the Tampa Bay area since 1990, pledged to host a region-wide day of giving in celebration of the 100th anniversary of community foundations nationwide.

At the same time, the Florida Next Foundation, which is devoted to driving innovation and enhancing Florida’s economy, also was looking for ways to engage more people in philanthropy.

Together, the organizations raised almost $100,000 in prize money and enlisted nearly 400 nonprofits to participate.givedaybythenumbers


Global Market Innovation

Global Market Innovation Conference

The Florida Global Market Innovation Conference In Conjunction with the International Stock Exchange Executive Emeriti Semi-Annual Meeting present…
Connecting Global Markets
to Florida!

Miami Finance Forum and The Florida Next Foundation come together with Lennar International to bring The Florida Global Market Innovation Conference to Miami. In cooperation with the International Stock Exchange Executive Emeriti (ISEEE) we will be hosting current and former stock exchange executives representing over 20 countries for an enriching discussion on new developments and challenges in the globalmarketplace. The conference will consist of three days’ worth of meetings and panel discussions emerging global market trends and innovative ideas to address existing challenges as well as those that may be on the horizon. The conference will also include participation from some of the most accomplished and influential leaders in the Miami finance community as well as up-and-coming young professionals from multiple industries.

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March 23 and 24 at Intercontinental Hotel, Miami
March 23, 3:30
Challenges within the Global Financial Securities Sector
March 23, 4:45
Automatic Exchange of Info: EmergingGlobal Standard
March 24, 3:30
Crowdfunding – Challenges and Opportunities
March 24, 4:45
Keynote Address by Hans Sicat and Awards PresentationPre-registration is required as seats are limited!Individual Sessions:$95 for MFF members

$125 for non-members

To attend all 4 sessions:

$325 for MFF Members

$400 for non-members

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Challenges within the Global Financial Securities Sector Speakers:

William Foster
Former CEO, New Zealand Stock Exchange; Chief Operating Officer, Abu Dhabi Securities Market; Executive Director, Mudara Institute of Directors in Dubai International Financial Center

Samir Hamza
: Current: Outside Counsel Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange

Gilberto Biojone
: CEO of Ancor Associação das Corretoras de Valores, Câmbio e Mercadorias(National Association of Brokerage Houses); CEO of SGB Participações e Assessoria Ltda., Sao PauloBrazil, Former CEO Bovespa, São Paulo Exchange(Register Now)

Automatic Exchange of Info: Emerging Global Standard 

Michel Maquil
Consultant Luxembourg Central Bank, Former CEO Luxembourg Stock Exchange

David Franansiak
-Vice President of Finance and Executive Committee of Williams & Jensen Law Firm, Washington, D.C.; Former: Office of Chairman, Ernst & Young; Director of Tax, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; British Petroleum; Staff Director to Tax Oversight Subcommittee U.S. House of Representatives

Tom Minney
-CEO African Growth, Ltd; Consultant Capital Markets Strategy (CAPMEX – the Capital Market Experts and CSCL); Former GM, Nambian Stock Exchange

Nik Mohamed Din
-Director, RHB Capital Berhad, Kuala Lumpur; Former: Executive Chairman Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange(Register Now) Crowdfunding – Challenges and Opportunities Speakers: Deborah Fuhr-Partner & Co-Founder ETF Global Insight (London); Former: Global Head of ETF Research and Implementation Strategy and Managing Director BlackRock/BGI, London

William Foster-Former: CEO, New Zealand Stock Exchange; Chief Operating Officer, Abu Dhabi Securities Market; Executive Director, Mudara Institute of Directors in Dubai International Financial Center

Michael Lipper-President Lipper Advisory Services, Managing Partner LSF Partners LP, a private hedge fund; Author of Money Wise; Former: Founder, Lipper Analytical Services, Inc, now owned by Reuters as Lipper Inc., Former Chairman of Advisory Committee to NYSE Board of Directors.

Joseph Rizzello-ETF Industry Association-Partner/Consultant; Marketing Expert, New Product Innovator and Speaker/Lecturer; Former: CEO, National Stock Exchange; Chairman, National Stock Exchange Holdings, Inc. President, Philadelphia Board of Trade; Executive Vice President, Philadelphia Stock Exchange

David Scheckel-Founder/Director, Treveri Market S.A. Luxembourg; Former: CEO and Chairman, Execution Services Holdings, Inc., Newark, New Jersey

Mohamed Abdel Salam-Executive Chairman, Egyptian Exchange; Executive Chairman, Misr for Central Clearing, Depository & Registry; Executive Chairman, Egyptian Investor Protection Fund; Chairman; Former: Chairman and CEO, Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges

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Keynote and Awards Presentation: Hans Sicat-President and CEO of The Philippine Stock Exchange, President and CEO of the Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines.

Chris Marlin – President, Lennar International

This session will include the presentation of the ISEEE’s Lennar International Award for Stock Exchange Innovation – recognizing innovation in the areas of governance, transparency and information quality, integrity, efficiency, liquidity, transaction costs, and technology innovation in capital markets around the world. This year’s recipient of this inaugural award is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the Philippine Stock Exchange, Hans B. Sicatomatic Exchange of Info: Emerging Global Standard.

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