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About Florida Next

Florida Next was founded in May, 2011 in response to the critical and growing needs of Florida and its citizenry. Florida deserves to be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges and Floridians deserve an organization that is objective and helps their state achieve readiness and success today and in the future. Florida’s economy is in distress and Floridians are more concerned than ever about their quality of life. We must demand the kind of thinking that results in sound leadership and policies. This kind of thought leadership will benefit all of us as we work to position Florida for a stable and thriving future. Florida Next will facilitate this thinking and provide this leadership. Use the dropdowns below to learn more about Florida Next and our purpose!

Our Mission

Florida Next Foundation, a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works to empower young people, entrepreneurs and small businesses so they can drive the innovation needed to enhance Florida’s economy and quality of life.

Our Method

Florida Next will engage Floridians from all walks of life in the process of building a better Florida. Florida Next will do this by conducting research into the policies and actions that Floridians need and want as the state and its people answer the call of global economic competition. Thinking will only get our state so far.